7 Reasons to Replace Contact Forms with a Live Customer Service App


Response time

Live customer service app: A few seconds

Contact form: One or more days

These days, it has become quite clear that people prefer efficiency in every aspect of their lives. Imagine a lead comes to your website with a question—does he prefer to get an instant answer, or would he rather fill out a form with all of his personal information and then possibly wait a whole day or more? While waiting for your answer, he’s likely to find another interesting service and then forget all about yours! 😉

Customer satisfaction rate

Live customer service app: 73% of customers satisfied

Contact form(email): 61% of customers satisfied

A Customer Service Benchmark that surveyed 2000 consumers shows that live customer service apps have the highest satisfaction levels out of any customer service channel at 73%, compared to 61% by email and 44% by phone.

People appreciate live customer service apps for a number of reasons, such as shorter response time, more efficiency, the fact that customers/leads can control the conversation, etc. With a contact form, every time you have a new question, you have to fill out the entire form again, whereas with live customer service apps, one simply types their question and voila! 🙂

Connect questions to the right team members

Live customer service app: Yes

Contact form: No

Normally all requests from a contact form go to a single email address. With the Slaask live customer service app, you can connect your leads and customers to the appropriate team member.

Real-time problem resolution

Live customer service app: Often

Contact form: No

Your leads and customers always prefer to have their issues addressed and resolved quickly. Having the ability to fix their issues in real time can save your team time, and ensures that your product is always working correctly.

Easy to find

Live customer service app: Yes

Contact form: No

A live customer service app can be deployed on any page of your website. The icon is small, non-intrusive, and it won’t affect the overall look and feel of your site. Your visitors can now reach you easily instead of hunting for your contact form.

Interaction rate

Live customer service app: High

Contact form: Low

Thanks to a very important feature on Slaask called “triggers,” you can push predefined messages to specific groups of leads and customers! (Learn more about triggers here)

This is a great way to convey the message to your leads and customers, and ultimately encouurage them to chat with you! It has been proven that more conversations lead to more conversion opportunities. 😉


Live customer service app: Yes

Contact form: No

Compared to the “cold” and “emotionless” contact form, live customer service apps convey a more human element. Your leads and customers will feel welcomed by a real person, as may not be the case using a contact form. 🙂